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Catholic School Toronto      Leonardo Da Vinci Academy is an elementary private school that aims to instill a love of learning and challenge students to develop their whole potential in a manner inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci. In keeping with Plato's concept of an 'Academy', the school embraces the Montessori methodology to nurture the growth of life long learners and independent thinkers and to promote "Thinking Like Leonardo" (see Da Vincian Principles).

Leonardo Da Vinci Academy is a leading private school in Toronto that offers exceptional schooling for children from Preschool to Grade 8 - the formative years. The school has a well rounded programme of studies including Italian, French, Art and Music . The Academy features Casa and Lower Elementary Montessori programmes and an authentic Italian immersion 'Scuola Materna' preschool.

Though Leonardo da Vinci,the Academy's namesake, was the major inspiration for the school invisioned by the founders, other key influences were Maria Montessori, St. Francis of Assisi and Plato.

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